1. Each contestant must have video submitted by the Thursday before voting starts. 

2, Voting starts on Sunday of each week.

3. There is no fee to entry.

4. One winner will be chosen each week. That winner will move onto Image Awards/Showcase.

5. Voters are allow to vote once a week per phone number or IPS address.

6. No free entry to anyone other than winner artisit to Image Awards/Showcase.

7. Final winners will be chosen from a 3 judge panel.

8. Any artist that does not win can be re-entered for the next week voting.

9. Only top six winners will move onto showcase.

10. Winner has 30 days to claim prizes unless told otherwise.

11. No lip synicing allowed at live performance.

12 Open to ALL artists ( R&B, Pop, Rock, HipHop/Rap, Dancers, Comics, musicians, Bands, groups, or Poets)

13. If winner is not able to move onto showcase must notify Ms. Vicki or Ms. Lisa.

14. If winner can not compete in showcase the next person with top score will move into the spot.

It is the artist responsibility to make sure we have all contact information. 

15. No artist will be allowed to rap/sing over song. Music must only consist of beat and hook.

 16. Artist will only be allowed 1 song no snippets of songs. Just one song.

17. If you video gets 0 votes it will be removed from the line-up. you can resubmit for the next week.

18. Tie breakers will be base on a on day voting of the most likes and comments.


We Present to You The Contestants